Wednesday, April 23, 2014
Lol Thanks autocorrect for ruining my “love you too.”

Lol Thanks autocorrect for ruining my “love you too.”


The one day I actually had my gym bag packed so I could go to the gym after work, there was an electrical fire that shut down the gym, surrounding businesses, and roads until tomorrow afternoon. They don’t know when power will be restored to the area yet. Hopefully the gym will be open tomorrow evening.

At least I wasn’t the one making an excuse not to go to the gym…the city of Jacksonville did it for me. lol!

I’ll try again tomorrow. If the gym doesn’t happen, I’ll just run.

The other night…

The sweetest thing ever happened! It doesn’t take much to impress me, but…

Dave and I were talking about our weight loss and fitness goals and our own reasons for wanting to lose weight and get in better shape. One of his reasons was for me. At first I gave him a strange look like “why am I one of his reasons?” Then he explained that he wants to look his best for me and that he wants to take care of himself and be healthy so that he can be his best and spend a healthy and long life with me. I think my jaw must have hit the floor because I was never expecting to ever hear someone say something like that to me. It seriously was one of the sweetest things anyone has ever said to me. I have never thought I would be one of the reasons that someone would want to do something.

It made me feel very special and super loved. He sure is great.

P.S. He’s awesome and is down like 22 pounds since January and doing well with his running! Proud girlfriend right here!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014
Day 60 of my Whole90! Meal prep Monday. Made a meat crust quiche, @paleomg’s pizza spaghetti pie (added extra veggies), and I have short ribs in the slow cooker! 😍🍴

Day 60 of my Whole90! Meal prep Monday. Made a meat crust quiche, @paleomg’s pizza spaghetti pie (added extra veggies), and I have short ribs in the slow cooker! 😍🍴

IT’S DAY 60!!!

Holy crap! I have officially stuck to strict Paleo/Whole30 eating for 60 damn days!! I am two thirds of the way to my goal of a Whole90!! I can’t believe that I have stuck to something this strict for this long! I am super-duper proud of myself!!

It gets easier and easier every day!! At this point it is starting to become second nature. I don’t crave junk and I am used to cooking and eating compliant meals. This seriously feels like such an accomplishment. I definitely think I truly understand the meaning of “Eat to live, don’t live to eat.” I don’t mindlessly eat. I don’t binge eat. I don’t emotionally eat. I eat when I am hungry and stop when I am satisfied. It is such a freeing feeling to finally feel like I have control over my eating and that food no longer controls me.

After the full 90 days I hope that I will have built a strong foundation and can continue to eat this way from here on out and only “stray” from Paleo eating on rare occasions. I know where I want to be by this time next year and I know what I need to do to get there, I just need to stay focused and determined. If things keep going the way these last 60 days have gone, I will be extremely pleased.

Bring on the next 30 days!

Monday, April 21, 2014

One of those nights…

Ever had one of those days or nights where everything just frustrates you??

First of all, I’m not feeling good. Secondly, it’s that time of the month for me. Thirdly, I’m stressed out and worried about my job situation. So I’m already tense and emotional.

I feel all out of sorts not having done my meal prep on Sunday and not having any meals ready for the week. My goal for tonight was to make 2 recipes that could get me through the week. That didn’t happen. I got way too frustrated, cried, and gave up. I didn’t have all the ingredients for the first recipe and was not in the mood to fight the busy grocery store. Went to make the second recipe and spilled it all over the floor before getting it in the oven. I was not happy.

I started to get upset knowing I didn’t have any food ready for lunch tomorrow and I didn’t want this lack of prep to derail me.

Thank God for my parents. They are seriously the best ever! My Mom happened to call in the middle of my mini meltdown (perfect timing) and saved the day. She sent my dad to my place with leftover grilled chicken and roasted veggies for my lunch tomorrow. If that wasn’t enough, she had him pick up my ingredients for my recipes so that she can help me meal prep for the rest of the week tomorrow night.

Seriously the best parents ever. I am so very lucky and I love them so much!

Crisis averted.

Race photos are never ever ever flattering. But I’m posting them because I finished the race and I want to see a difference between these race photos and the next race I do. I’ve got a long, long way to go, but at least I’m on my way there.

Happy Monday y’all!

I had a really great weekend. Dave and I had our usual Freshfields Farm shopping date on Friday after work. The pool party we were supposed to go to on Saturday got cancelled due to crappy weather, so I got up early and went on a nice long walk with some occasional running thrown in. We ended up going over to a friend’s house for brunch. I wasn’t able to eat the food there, but it was fun to just hang out and socialize for a couple of hours. Saturday night, we went out for a yummy steak dinner with my parents and then hung out and dyed Easter eggs with my Mom. I spent the night at Dave’s house and I love when we get to spend the night together because it doesn’t happen that often. Sunday we woke up early and went to church and brunch with my parents before driving out to Lake City to spend the afternoon with his family. Lucky for me, there was plenty for me to eat at their family Easter lunch. I was able to eat the smoked turkey and smoked brisket that they make as well as lots of fruit, veggies, and some salad. I successfully avoided the huge dessert table (though that homemade 10 layer chocolate cake sure was calling my name lol). It’s definitely not impossible to stay Whole30 compliant during family events and holidays.

I have the best Mom ever. Instead of stuffing my Easter basket with candy, she filled it with Whole30 goodies. I got Larabars, plantain chips, almonds, almond butter, some spices, a gift card to Freshfields Farm, and cash! Best Easter basket ever!!

I feel like I am starting to get sick and that’s not good. I hope it’s nothing and that I will be feeling better tomorrow. The weather is supposed to be beautiful this week so I am really hoping to get outside every day after work and either walk/run or ride my bike. I really want to become more active. I seem to have the eating part down, now I just need to push myself to become more active.

I need to stop making excuses. Now.

Sunday, April 20, 2014
Went to church & brunch with my parents and now we’re heading out to Lake City to spend the afternoon with Dave’s family. Happy Easter! #easter #family #spring #church 🐰💐❤️😊

Went to church & brunch with my parents and now we’re heading out to Lake City to spend the afternoon with Dave’s family. Happy Easter! #easter #family #spring #church 🐰💐❤️😊

Saturday, April 19, 2014
Decorated Easter eggs with Dave and my Mom. 🐰😊

Decorated Easter eggs with Dave and my Mom. 🐰😊