Monday, September 16, 2013

Had the day off from work today, so I decided to take myself shopping!

I got:
- Food processor.
- A proper bra fitting. (42DDD..wowza!)
- New jeans. I am 2 jeans sizes down in less than 2 months! Yeaaaa buddy!
- Dress for a wedding. (pictured above) I am down 1 to 2 dress sizes in every dress I tried on today!

I enjoyed shopping for clothes today for the first time in probably 2 years. It was a great feeling to finally enjoy clothes shopping again!

Happy Monday to me!


  1. livelaughyoga said: Yaaay!!
  2. jessrussellramblings said: Gorgeous dress! Where did you find it??
  3. zessika said: I totally need more details on that dress please!?!
  4. marlenamouse said: Oh my…. that dress is EVERYTHING! So much fun and exciting when you can shop for pretty things.
  5. lizshealthylife said: you make that dress look fantastic!! :)
  6. ibikealaska said: Great progress! I love that dress!!
  7. emilyatthejs said: Love that dress!
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